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  2. Hi. I am from the US and found your station on my iTunes. I love it. I love listening and hearing committed Christians all over the world. It makes my heart sing with joy that His Name is praised all over. I love you all in Christ and can’t wait until the day when all the Nations join in front of the throne in worship together. 🙂

  3. Hi there. I was born and raised in Brazil, got saved at a very young age and many of these hymns played here bring back memories of my childhood in church praising Jesus. Now I live in the US and listen to you through my iTunes radio. So many good teachers of the word, I am constantly uplifted listening to them. Thank you for your ministry. Blessings to you all.

  4. Praise God. Every time I see something like this it truly blesses me. My daughter was norm 23wks 6 day chastation. She weight 1b 2oz. She was so tiny. I remember that day so clear. I was at work preaching to a colleague, from the book of James. That we should always say Lord willing I we do this and that. For no man knows what could happen the next hour let alone next week or next week. Little did I know the Lord was teaching me! That night my wife was bleeding and was taken to hospital by my
    Sister to check up. 1 hour later my sister phoned me to say we had lost our child, that the doctors could not find a heart beat. My world was turned upside down. That drive to the hospital was so painful. When I got there I saw my wife laying down crying as the nurse rushed around. My sister stood crying. They
    Can’t find the heart beat she kept on saying. My wife gave birth to our daughter and the doctors began to do chest compressions and give oxygen via small devices. When I say how small our daughter was, it was shocking! We where all crying. The nurse by now knew we where Christians. So they told us to pray. 30 minutes have gone. They had to call a head doctor from home. When she came she looked me straight in the eyes and told me not to expect anything! The doctors and nurse where frantic. I was making funeral arrangements in my head. My wife lay crying as both me and my sister where praying and crying out to The Lord. I said to God that just like the 3 Young men where about to be thrown into the fire in the book of Daniel, but they said to God whether God saved them or not he still is God. I like praised whether God raised my daughter or not he still Is God. With prays off the church and us praying after a good 40 minutes they found a Heart beat. The doctors said because our daughter did have a heart beat for so long that she could have brain damage, be deaf or blind. My daughter being so small went through so much. Heart op, eye op. blood transfusion. You name it she went through. But praise God he raised her from the Dead. The main nurse told us that she was clinically gone. That medical terms for dead. But God defied all medical logic and raised our daughter from the dead after having no proven heart beat out side the womb for 40 minutes Only God knows how long in the womb. We have named our daughter Talitha. From the gospel of mark chp 5-6. Where the Lord raised the little Girl by saying Talitha cumi. Meaning Little Girl arise. Our daughter showed us How child fights for life. How God keeps a child. I read the bible Everyday for months my daughter was in hospital. The word of God formed her heart mind and body back together. We saw many babies her chastation go to be with the Lord during our time at the hospital. It was Crazy. But the womb is a place life and not death. Our child spk that. Just like our earth is designed by God to womb us with life. Yet abortion destroys that. Today our daughter is 3. She is fine in everyway by the Lords hand. No blindness no damage to the brain. Hearing fantastic. Praise Yeshua. A child is a Gift of God. Wake up World Gods Judgement Is Coming. MARANTHA!!!!!!!!!

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